Bill Hague remembers when his car's book value was higher than his company's net worth. He remembers buying his first forklift. He remembers the garage where it all started on 1071 S. High in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. William R. Hague will be the first to admit that the beginning was humble. Today, Hague is an international leader, a major company with dealers across the world whose reputation is linked to the tireless innovation and drive that has marked Hague's success for over 40 years.

Hague Quality Water International is one of the leading manufacturers of residential water treatment equipment in the world.  But we come from humble beginnings.

In the late '50's, William R. Hague established his own retail water conditioning dealership in a small office in Columbus, Ohio.

By the early '70's, his company began manufacturing its own equipment – better and more reliable that the models he sold previously. Hague started selling through other dealers, too, establishing Hague as a regional supplier.
Within a few years, a national sales organization was distributing a full Hague line.  The growing demand prompted the building of a new manufacturing facility in Groveport, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.
In the mid '80's, the far-sighted Bill Hague drove to improve his equipment and grow demand for the future. Starting from a blank piece of paper, he assembled an engineering team to design a water treatment system that used less salt and less water – it would be the world's most efficient water treatment system.
This team developed a single system that could be configured on an order-by-order basis to treat many different types of water and provide dramatic salt and water savings. Thus, a totally new concept in water treatment was born - a unit that would clean and conserve water conveniently: The WaterMax®.
The WaterMax is an internationally recognized leader in the industry and has the accreditation of the NSF and the WQA.
At the end of the last century, the manufacturing plant expanded twice and is poised for continued success and growth.  This growth is still overseen by the founder Bill Hague, which makes Hague the oldest major company in the industry under continuous ownership and management.